Schubert So lasst mich scheinen (live, 2009)

Surely one of the most beautiful songs every written. But amazingly this was the first time either of us had ever performed it – in our 2009 Wigmore recital programme of songs by Schubert and Brahms. The programme was devised by Graham Johnson in his series “Brahms, His Friends, Rivals & Contemporaries”

We’re sure you’ll easily spot the mistake, especially if you follow the words on the Lied and Art Song texts page … that’s just nerves getting the better of a singer. It happens, even when the singer knows the words very well and has performed and recorded other versions of the same text.


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  1. Anonymous

    Dear Chris

    GeraldineĀ“s voice is as true and beautiful as ever and you are the perfect accompanist for her.

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