Programme building

Our unique way of programming puts the spotlight on the special qualities that each song contains. Rather than grouping songs by composer, poet or musical style, we build groups and sequences by combining songs which share a particular quality – perhaps an evocative image, a mood or a point of view. The result is an organic programme which takes the audience on a journey through themes inspired by the songs themselves. For those new to song, it provides a framework and guides them through the recital. For seasoned song-lovers it offers new, unusual combinations of songs which reveal hidden depths that are not always apparent. All this combines to great effect – listeners are able to relate to the songs on a deeper level and experience more immediately all the sensations which the poetry and music conjure up.

If you are interested to learn more about our way of developing programmes, you can take an in-depth look.

If you take a look at our song programmes you can see how this idea works in practise.